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USB In-Seat Charger SMD 200

SkyDock™ USB-A mini Specifications

  • Main power typical current 0.1A at 28V
  • Main power typical current 0.8A at 28V
  • Maximum output current 2A at 5V
  • Reverse power input connection protection
  • Short circuit output protection’Thermal protection
  • Backlight USB Connector
  • Width 2.08 in
  • Depth 1.3 in
  • Height 0.8 in
  • Weight 0.05 lb
  • Wire length 6 in
  • Positive Wire – White
  • Negative Wire -White /Black

The SmartDock™ charges the latest portable electronic devices without the need for an ‘extemal power outlet. As a DO-160 certiiod component, it satisfies the highest standards of the aerospace industry. The SmartDock™ is the ‘most compact and lightweight device ofits kind fon the market, and is extremely easy to instal. It also protects itself and the charging device ‘against external short circuits and power ‘surges. ASD inc. offers customization for the intemal signature m order to charge special) devices that may not recognize the default signature. The dofaut signature is made for ‘Apple iPads, iPods and iPhones as well for most standard USB-charged devices such as music players, digital cameras, smartphones and tablets. A discrete backiights also available Inside the USB connector for night usage. The ‘SmartDock™ is highly recommended for SkyPad™ owners as ithas the necessary power to keep iPads charged during heavy use.

Avialable on Request:
DO160 QTR’s
Installation Instructions

The SmartDock™ faceplate offers more flexibility to the OEM for customized installations. Various plating options are available, allowing the SmartDock™ to seamlessly blend in with the aesthetics of the existing controls in the cabin. The SmartDock™ can also be ordered without any plating, enabling the OEM to custom plate them independently using the same plating company as the rest of the controls in the cabin.

Ordering Information:
SmartDock, USB In-Seat charger
PN: 908-2040-001
SmartDock Faceplate
PN: 908-2044-XXX where XXX is color plating information
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