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Aerospace Devices, Inc: Leading the Way in Aerospace Charging Solutions

If you are looking for quality aerospace charging solutions, you are at the right destination! At Aerospace Devices, Inc., we seek to offer products that redefine the standards of excellence in aviation charging solutions. Whether you need information about USB C 100-watt chargers or the main ports, you should count on us to offer the necessary solutions!

Our latest offering, the SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt Chargers, is a testament to our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and efficiency.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Aerospace Devices, Inc., we are your trusted partner in aviation charging solutions.

We are at the forefront of aviation technology, continuously pushing the boundaries to develop advanced charging solutions that keep pace with industry standards.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our compliance with EU PED requirements, reducing e-waste, and empowering consumers to make eco-friendly choices.

Here’s What We Offer: SkyDock Pro Single Port USB C 60 & 100-Watt Chargers

At Aerospace Devices, our team offers aircraft products that make a difference. Here are some of the product specifications you should know before you focus on other aspects:

  • Upgrading Aviation Standards

Upgrade your aircraft with the fastest, most efficient USB C 100-Watt Single or Dual chargers that meet the new EU PED (Portable Electronic Device) requirements. These regulations aim to reduce e-waste and empower consumers to make sustainable choices. The SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt Chargers deliver up to 100 watts per port, using USB Power Delivery (PD) technology and intelligent, device-driven voltage output. This guarantees the maximum power needed for each device, offering up to 7 times more power than traditional USB A & C charging methods.

  • Superior Design and Specifications

Our SkyDock Pro USB C Chargers are designed to outperform and outlast the competition. They boast robust, redundant power protection and rugged construction. Temperature protection ensures that internal components remain stress-free, enhancing the chargers’ longevity. The aluminum enclosures, CNC machined for precision, provide environmental and protective advantages for internal PCB components.

  • Meeting Stringent Safety Standards

The SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt Chargers adhere to the highest performance and safety standards, including the ability to pass 600-volt spikes (DO160G). Cable-Shield Short-to-Battery Protection and integrated ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection guarantee a secure charging experience. Reduced inrush current with Soft-Start and input filtering ensures safe dissipation of inrush energy, protecting both the charger and the connected devices.

  • Efficiency and Compatibility

With an efficiency rating of 90% to 93%, the SkyDock Pro USB C Chargers optimize power usage. They operate within an input voltage range of 14 VDC to 34 VDC, with 5 AMP being the most efficient input power at 28 VDC. These chargers support standard USB-PD VBUS voltage outputs of up to 5.0A in 20V mode and 3A in other output voltage configurations, ensuring compatibility with various devices.

  • EMI Interference Mitigation

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a concern in aviation. Aerospace Devices address this issue with forced-PWM at light or no-load conditions to reduce EMI through USB cables. Careful board layout and enclosure design minimize EMI, ensuring a smooth charging experience.

About Aerospace Devices, Inc.

At Aerospace Devices, Inc., we specialize in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge charging solutions for the aviation, marine, rail, and transportation sectors. Our product lines, including Esoteric SkyDock, SmartDock, SkyDock Pro C, Cabin Interior products, and more, exemplify our commitment to technological advancement, sustainability, and flight safety.

We understand the importance of lightweight, efficient solutions and strive to deliver the ultimate product for every application. Our Product Strategic Development (PSD) process ensures alignment between customer needs and our product requirements and certification.

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Whether you’re seeking standard aerospace design products or require comprehensive product development solutions for your aviation needs, Aerospace Devices, Inc. has the expertise and experience to meet and exceed your expectations.

We have successfully served esteemed clients such as Bombardier and Dassault Falcon Jet, helping them achieve their specific requirements.

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