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The Siybock Pro Single SKD.SIS00 USB Type C Cramers, capable of providing up to 100W, with a maximum
of £A@ anc. The output voltage is determined by the combination of this charger and the device to
be charged. The supported voltage outputs are 5, 9, 15, & 20VDC. The main port on the SKD-505-00 can provide
100W of power to meet today’s challenging charging demands, we offer our SKD-505-01, Dual USB-C Charger that
can provide 100W at both ports.


  • Certifiedfor Fixed Wing, Flight Deck & Rotorcraft.
  • UsB-CAC3.0/4.0Compatible.
    Integrated 24V DC Protection on Protected HVD+, HVD-, HVCCi, HVCC2 Outputs
  • OverVoltage: InputProtection
  • UndetVoltage:InpuProtection
  • OverCurrentVoltageOutputProtection
  • ResettableFuse InputProtection
  • 5V Default Output for Non-Quick Charge
  • Compatible Devices
  • Over Temperature Shutdown
  • StatleProtection
  • Input pike Protectionup to 56V
  • Dual Output Connectors USB.C with USB-A Option
  • InputVoltage Range of 14VOC-34VDC_ SAMPIn-Rush
  • Input Current Range of SOmA Standby to1.8Amax
  • USB-COutput Voltage Ranges SV/3A, 9V/3A,12V/2.5A
  • USB-A Output oltageRange4.7~5.2 VDC
  • OutputPowerMaxiooWattsUS8-C
  • Peak fficiency: 92%t0-979%
  • Size: 2.10 WX 0.825H X 3.0L
  • Weight: 4.So2{éstimatedWeight)


  • TemperatureRange: Operating -A0Cto+105C
  • Decompression: 50,000f
  • Atitude:15,000f
  • Conformal Coatedor Anodized per requirement.
  • HighHumidity Operational Ervironment: 95%
  • Stress Tested to 20g acceleration & 11mSec 6g acceleration curve
  • Do160G certified (al testing QTR’s available upon request
  • Accessories: Input Power Connector, Input Power Connector Pigtal,
    output USB-C to USB-A Male, output USB-C to USB-female
  • Contact us for installation Instructions, specifications and required date.

The SkyDock Pro comes pre-configured as a USB-C
Charger with the following profiles:

The SkyDock Pro comes pre-configured as a USB-C

Charger with the following profiles:
5V, 9V, 15V, and 20V at SA (100W version) or 3A (60W Version).
Included is Cable Compensation up to 516 mOhms, and awide input voltage
range of 5-34V for fullfunctionality

Operating temperature range s from -40 to +105C.
The power source is designed as a buck/boost with a Spread Spectrum
frequency for reduced EMI with a baserequency of 400KHz.

* The SkyDock Pro meets or exceeds DO-1606

Heat touch temperature tested, Suger soda

water tested over 100% of surface area, Cleaning

Solvent and Waterproofness.

The SkyDock Pro also supports legacy charging modes forolder
passenger phones including BC1.2, Apple® Charge, and USB On-

USB Cto USB A adapters con be used.
Integrated 24V DC Protection on Protected HVD+, HVD-,
HCCI, HVCC2 Outputs

Integrated +15kV Alr-Gap/#8KV Contact Discharge ISOLO605
and IEC 61000-4-2 ESD Protection
AEC-0100 and AEC-Q006 Qualified

SkyDock Pro Applications include Dedicated Charging ports for
customer in-seat needs, legacy charging, Radio and Navigation
power needs.


Ordering Information:
SKD-505-01 REV. G
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