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Aerospace Devices, Inc. In October 2021 Incorporates the Design & Development of Skydock Pro USB C-100-Watt (Smartest Device Charger ) In Its Product Lineup

The renowned firm adds aviation charging solutions in its list of essentials. California, United States- Aerospace Devices, Inc., a pioneer in aviation technology, is proud to offer the Skydock Pro USB C-100, setting a new standard for excellence in aviation charging solutions. As a trusted partner for aviation charging needs, Aerospace Devices, Inc. continues to innovate and deliver products that meet the evolving demands of the industry.

Aerospace Devices, Inc. Offers Sustainalble, Go Green Aerospace PED & LapTop Charging Solutions with the SkyDock Pro Single & Dual USB C 100-Watt PED Chargers

The renowned firm offers aerospace PED charging solutions for its customers.

California, United States– Aerospace Devices, Inc., a pioneer in aerospace technology solutions, proudly announces its latest innovation in PED / Laptop charging solutions – the SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt Chargers.


Aerospace Devices Inc. introduces the SkyDock Pro, USB-C 100-Watt Single and Dual Ports for In-flight Chargers for Laptops, Tablets, Phones and Personal

The new SkyDock Pro 100 Watt USB-C charging devices offer superior charging and power
efficiency for charging personal electronics on the flight deck, main cabin, galley, and a wide
range of applications that will communicate with the device and power cable that is plugged
into our SkyDock Pro:

Aerospace Devices Inc. has added the SkyDock Pro100-watt USB-C charging ports to our portfolio of
in-flight USB A & C charging ports for general aviation aircrafts, started with our SmartDock USB A,
SkyDock USB A charging ports and SkyFi product lines. SkyDock Pro Single and Dual USB C 100-watt
chargers deliver more power than other competing products while meeting flight deck requirements for
personal and electronic devices. DO160G tested, and meeting the spilled liquids test and touch
temperature test. Visit our website for spec, data and current installations. With ongoing aerospace
supply chain issues our distribution network and Aerospace Devices has committed to inventory
support for our customers. The SkyDock Pro and current line of charger ports can be purchased in
multiple configurations, including USB-C PD and USB-A dual ports, LED lighted, non-lighted options,
face plates, plating and multiple mounting brackets options.

SkyDock Pro USB C 100 Watt meets the new European USB C 100-Watt Personal Device
Charging requirements and regulations:
With the new EU mandate that require USB-C compatibility for personal electronic devices, tablets and
laptops need for the efficiency of USB C power to charge and operate, the SkyDock Pro USB C 100-
watt chargers are a huge step in the future of Aircraft personal device charging ports. In May of 2022,
the European Union announced a mandate that required all new portable devices utilize a standard
charger by 2024 via the USB C. As Europe will be the first to enforce the law and has implications
worldwide as companies prefer to streamline the charging methods and minimize production costs. US
Senate and Congressional members are encouraging the Department of Commerce to enact the same
requirements. With the increasing dependence on mobile devices in the flight deck, we see the
SkyDock Pro USB C 100 Watt Single and Dual charging ports leading the future as many aircraft are
moving away from the 110 AC universal outlets.

Benefits for Passengers, Pilots, Cost reductions and Flight Safety:
With AC outlets set to be phase out for personal device charging, SkyDock Pro customers will get all
the power they need by plugging directly into our SkyDock Pro USB C port instead of using the
outdated and bulky charging adapters for 110 AC universal outlets. SkyDock Pro USB C 100-watt
charger will supply Output Voltage Ranges 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 20V / 5A for laptops,
smartphones, tablets, electronic flight bags (EFBs), and headphones. The SkyDock Pro USB C is
device-driven communication that efficiently supplies power based connected device’s request and the
USB C charging cables power rating.
Aerospace Devices Inc. is based in Irvine, CA. Specializing in the standard power products, custom
design and manufacture of advanced cabin power and fixtures for a range of general and business
aviation applications.

July 15, 2022


RFSE: 1000071370 SAP Nr:148539

18 Corriente Irvine, CA 92614, USA

Attention: Subject:

Mr. Pecanic,

Robert A. Pecanic, Jr., President

Approval Letter

Bombardier is pleased to inform you that AEROSPACE DEVICES INC. is now approved in accordance with QD 4.6-40- Quality Requirements for Suppliers as a:

·                      Classification C- Manufacturers

Bombardier Quality may elect to audit your facility at any time during or prior to any contract, in order to:
• Assure continuing compliance with contractual and quality requirements.
• Investigate any quality problems and assure that effective corrective action measures are implemented. • Evaluate the effect of any change in facility, process, equipment or management.

It is Bombardier’s policy to purchase only from approved suppliers, who meet our standards of quality and reliability. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship, driven by a desire for continuous quality improvement

Sincerely yours,

Supplier Quality Assurance

Aerospace Devices Is Proud to be a 15 Year Sponsor of The Irvine Police.

On June 20, 2022, for the last 20 years, Aerospace Devices Inc. is proud to Sponsor the Irvine Police Association foundations such as “Spouses, children of fallen Officers and First Responders”.  Aerospace Devices Inc. support with the Irvine Police Associations community charities include, The Annual 4th of July fireworks, K9 training & Support and all charitable foundations associated with Irvine Police Association. 


Aerospace Devices Inc. Announces

Aerospace Industry First “NEW” Skydock Pro USB-C “100 Watt” devices charging ports are released SKD-505-00 Single Port & SKD-505-01 Dual
USB C Single And Dual


Aerospace Devices Inc. introduces the first USB-C 100-Watt Power single & dual charging ports that negotiate required power with carry on personal devices and laptop charging ports, Completed flight certification under DO160G testing. QTR’s Available upon request at

The SkyDock Pro USB-C 100 Watt is unique in its charging technology and ultimate safety. SKD-505-00 & -01 intelligent charging devices detect the type of charging cable and personal device that are connected, firmware will accept or negotiate output requirements with the personal or carry-on device. With the 100-Watt requirements for today’s laptops, the new iPhones, Samsung, laptop computers require more wattage and amperage for a range of various types of devices, the SkyDock Pro solves the current issue of charging input and output power with the personal devices, only sending accepted power requirements, battery temperature sensor and negotiated power per the devices handshake and the ultimate thermal runaway protection for passengers devices, the SkyDock Pro USB C will reduce or increase charging power to personal devices per the devices accepted factory wattage / amperage / voltage request. SkyDock Pro has the highest efficiency for charging devices.

Statement from Robert Pecanic, Jr:

The CEO of Aerospace Devices, Inc. has dedicated over 30 years to inflight devices for flight safety and is proud to release this new evolution in USB charging power supplies for personal or carry-on devices.

“Our new USB C charging ports firmware negotiates the personal devices power requirements, adding another level for the detection of thermal runaway and overheating which increases flight safety, reducing current issues with, overcharging and the new support full charge for devices that require 100 Watts and then reduces the input current based on the personal devices required charge and to a level to sustain the charge.

The SkyDock Pro charges at a rate and highest efficiency power output by negotiation or communication through the cable to the personal device. The SkyDock Pro will only provide the Amperage, Voltage and Wattage that the devices cable and the device has requested.

All of this creates flight safety and transportation vehicle safety which pilots and passengers alike appreciate.


Established in 2013, AEROSPACE DEVICES INC. An Engineering & Product Development Design Group, Research, and partnerships with Manufacturing & Assembly, to support your requirements. AEROSPACE DEVICES’ products and services reach into the Defense Dept., Private & Business Aircraft, Regional Jet, and Aviation Cabin Options industries.

Our design and development team partners with our customers to assist with installation, fight safety, the design, 3D Printed Custom Products & Parts and the development of proprietary or application specific products or solutions, from Cabin Power Supply’s, USB Charger Plug Devices, face plates, bezels, Cabin features such as carry-on Personal Device holders, PD mounting arms, retractable iPad, iPod, iPhone mounting features. This includes Stow away products.

To Learn More visit:

Media Contact
Caren Lancona

Aerospace Devices Inc. Regains Legal Rights To Product Rights And Cabin Power Integrated Products, Voiding The Acquisition Agreement From Elite Aerospace Group, Inc. – 09/13/2021

Aerospace Devices Inc. product lines & IPs were acquired by Elite Aerospace Group in 2016, the recent California Courts judgement of default of acquisition agreement and damages, has come full circle and provided the product lines of USB Chargers, Power Supplies, Handheld Device Cabin Mounting product lines are now manufactured, designed, development and are now available through Aerospace Devices Inc. in Irvine, CA.  Given the recent trends toward improving passenger experience in the commercial aviation industry Aerospace Devices offers an array of solutions from USB A & C charging devices to Custom in seat / side ledge Personal Device Arm and monitor mounts. 

Aerospace Devices offers DO160 Certified products such as the SkyDock™ / SmartDock / iPad Arm Mount / SkyPower Supply product lines, as well as all the capabilities and resources necessary to continue to bring new innovative products to the marketplace. To immediately enrich its current product offering, Aerospace Devices Design & Development Group, offers custom fabricated USB cover plates, bezels, flip up covers, and a new line of iPad and tablet arm rest & side ledge tablet holders.

On the recent judgement, Robert Pecanic, Jr. (President) of Aerospace Devices Inc. commented, “It’s exciting, rewarding to be back in aerospace cabin products arena where opportunities for innovation are seemingly limitless. The solutions that ASD Inc. is now able to provide to the business and commercial aviation sectors illustrates our versatility in the industry, and willingness and ability to drive new products to market. Coupled with our expertise in manufactured products and engineering services, we believe this to be a winning proposition.”  

Aerospace Devices Inc. also has announced that they have formed a new alliance with Aerospace Inc. located in Boseman Montana, Seattle WA and Huntington Beach CA, 

Aerospace brings their success of having completed multiple on-site engagements supporting Tier-1 suppliers to Boeing and Airbus. Aerospace’s engineers bridge the gap between OEM’s and Suppliers by preparing and submitting datasets directly into the client’s data management (PDM) systems. In-Dept understanding of Digital Product Definition, Model-Based Definition, LOPA’s, Master Definition Surfaces, OEM Requirements Documentation 


Aerospace Devices Inc. Dassault Falcon Jet Awards SkyDock FJ Sole Source On All DFJ Fleet Of Aircraft.

Dassault Falcon Jet released an industry request for qualification and RFQ to a DFJ performance and specification that must meet the DO160G highest sectional level QTP’s and meet the internal Dassault Flight Safety for Fly by Wire EMI & RFI requirements. The 190 page of requirements detailed & outline of qualification for a USB Charging device that required 600-volt spike test, waterproofness and a higher level of QTP’s to meet the DFJ requirements. With in a year of testing and evaluations the Esoteric SkyDock

FJ product line was the only product that met and exceeded the DFJ specifications. Our SkyDock FJ product line is installed on every airframe, with 8 to 12 SkyDock per airframe. Installation location is Flight Deck, Side Ledge, Seat Arm Rest and Galley. • We continue to expand our Aerospace Devices Esoteric product lines from our current Business & Private Airframes onto the next generation airframes, marine, defense and though out the transportation industries. Our engineering team is available to support your requirements and continue to support our customers cabin interior design group at major OEM’s and Refurbishment Centers. Expanding from USB Chargers products into the iPad Arm product lines and other Cabin Option products.