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AEROSPACE DEVICES INC. has the Engineering and Design Group, Research and Development Team, Manufacturing and Assembly, to support your requirements.

AEROSPACE DEVICES’ products and services reach into the Defense Dept., Private & Business Aircraft, Regional Jet and Aviation Cabin Options Products.

AEROSPACE DEVICES design and development team partners with our customers to assist with installation, fight safety, the design, 3D Printed Custom Products & Parts and the development of proprietary or application specific products or solutions, from Cabin
Power Supply’s, USB Charger Plug Devices, face plates, bezels, Cabin features such as carry-on Personal Device holders, PD mounting arms, retractable iPad, iPod, iPhone mounting features. This includes Stow away products.

AEROSPACE DEVICES has aircraft products or has the design experience form ruggedized – environment resistant USB and PD Charging Devices for harsh environments, remote research stations, weather challenged, extreme temperatures, tight tolerances such as EMI / RFI, DO160G, DoD specific requirements and we will work to meet your required specifications.




The best choice for Your

Commercial Aircraft, Private Aircraft, Helicopter, Yacht, Cruise Ship and any type of transportation

where charging performance and safety are a concern with the many types of personal devices and connections..

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Aerospace Devices Inc. Product & Engineering Design Overview

As the demand for higher efficiency & wireless charger and increased amperage for the “Next Generation” handheld Devices & Tablets to meet the requirements of USB Type C PD Data / Power (“SkyDock Pro C”) continues to drive the industry forward. Our diversified R&D team maintains a vigilant relationship with in the top 5 Phone, Tablet, PD manufactures allowing ASD to get the latest consumer PD products into the skies with fight safety first. ASD Inc. offers 3D custom printed parts.

ASD Inc’s. product line of USB A & C Charging Devices, Custom Cabin Products and Power Supply options offer the lightest weight, smallest dimensional size and are DO160 certified to the highest level of flight safety. Currently our USB chargers & Power Supplies are installed on a wide range of OEM Airframes, Bombardier, Dassault Falcon Jet, Boeing, Lear, Cessna, Embraer and in multiple cabin locations: Flight Deck, galley, in-seat, side ledges, onboard charging stations for multiple devices and seat back locations. 

Our USB Charging products require 28 VDC input power and have the highest efficiency rate performance rating, allowing for single airframe 28VDC input power line connected to multiple USB Charging devices daisy chain to single input power source. Supporting our performance & flight safety is backed by our DO160 FAA QTR’s, our SkyDock product line passed the 600 Volt Spike and Waterproof-ness and other expanded DO160G sectional testing to gain certification for Flight Deck and Rotor Aircraft.