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Upgrade your aircraft with the fastest, most efficient USB C 100-Watt Single or Dual that meets the new EU PED requirement for USB C chargers. The new law, adopted by EU as part of a broader EU effort to reduce e-waste and to empower consumers to make more sustainable choices. The SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt Chargers deliver up to 100 watts per port, with USB-PD technology and intelligent, device-driven voltage output. This guarantees you’ll get the maximum power needed for each device. The SkyDock Pro USB C Power Delivery (PD) is the fastest charging technology available, providing up to 7 times more power than traditional USB A & C. The SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt devices are replacing the old non-efficient 110 AC Universal power outlets and USB A charging ports that are not efficient or sustainable. 

SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt Performance, Design Specifications product features:

  • Our SkyDock Pro USB C design and performance is robust, redundant power protection, ruggedized, our design has temperature protection and less stress on our internal components. 
  • Our Aluminum Enclosures are CNC machined, Environmental and Protection for our internal PCB.  
  • The SkyDock Pro USB C. was designed to meet the Highest Performance, Safest, and Lowest Cost Passenger Cable-Shield Short-to-Battery Protection • Minimizes Short-Circuit Currents 
  • Integrated Legacy USB 2.0 Charging Support including BC1.2, Apple CarPlay, MFi R33, and OTG Integrated ESD Protection. 
  • Reduced inrush current with Soft-Start and output is not engaged until unit starts-up.  Input filtering also reduces inrush current. Safe dissipation of inrush energy 
  • Self-protected from transient voltages exceeding these limits in circuit under normal operation.
  • Efficiency 90% to 93% 
  • Input Voltage (allows operation in on / off conditions. 14 VDC-34 VDC 5 AMP most efficient input power is 28VDC. with less than 5 Amperes of input current.
  • Common USB-PD VBUS voltage outputs up to 5.0A when in 20V mode & 3A in other output voltage configurations
  • EMI interference avoidance and Input Power Conditioning
  • Forced-PWM at Light or No-Load conditions for reduced EMI through USB cable. 
  • Board Layout Design and Enclosure Design reduces EMI.
  • Only one port per controller no syncing.
  • Thermal Shutdown 
  • Integrated USB-PD VBUS Features Over-Current Protection Limits 
    • VBUS Over-Voltage Protection Limits 
    • Digital Voltage Scaling (DVS) for smooth, predictable voltage transitions 
    • Integrated USB VBUS Discharge 
    • Integrated Watchdog timer for guaranteed safe operation. 
    • Integrated Output Voltage Adjustment for Cable Voltage Drop on Captive-Cable Applications 
    • Devices provide a single-port Type-C compliant USB Power Delivery PHY for an external TCPM. 
  • Designed to comply with Type-C, USB-PD and TCPC specifications. 
  • USB Type-C Revision 1.3 
  • USB Power Delivery Revision 2.0, and Revision 3.0 Version 1.2 
  • USB Inter-Block Specification Revision 2.0 Version 1.1 
    • Implements Type-C Configuration Channel (CC) interface and USB-PD Physical layer functions to a Type-C Port Manager (TCPM) that handles PD Policy management. 
  • Type-C Cable plug orientation detection, Type-C Detection supporting default, 1.5A or 3.0A current capabilities. 
  • SAR ADC for VBUS Voltage Monitoring 
  • Integrated Over-Current Protection common voltage rail in the application.
  • Integrated Protection for Cable Shield-Short-to-Battery faults preventing cable, passenger, and device damage. 
  • Fast detection of cable shield over-current 
  • Fast turn-off of external protection switch 
  • Supports USB BC1.2 Charging Downstream Port (CDP) Dedicated Charging Port (DCP), and High-Speed Passthrough Modes 
  • 100W USB-PD Controller and Protector 
  • USB D+/D- Protection and Host Charger Emulator 
  • Integrated HVDP/HVDM Apple® and Samsung® Charge Detection Termination Resistors 
  • Compatible with USB On-The-Go Specification 
  • Compatible with Oppo® and OnePlus® devices. 
  • Integrated Robust High-Voltage Protection for the USB-PD or TCPM controller from events at the receptacle or captive cable:
  • Apple® Mafi R33 Overcurrent Compatible 
  • Automatic Fault Detection and Retry 
  • Short-to-Bus Protection 
  • ESD Protection on USB HVD+, HVD-, HVCC1, HVCC2 and SHLD_SNS pins 
  • Short circuit, power surges, overload and over temperature 
  • Charge one or two devices simultaneously at maximum power 
  • Thermal Shutdown Temperature & Thermal Shutdown Hysteresis
  • Input Current Limit Threshold & Output Runaway Limit Threshold, CS Negative Limit Threshold
  • Output Overcurrent Detection Threshold & Output DC Current Shutdown Detection Threshold