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The renowned firm offers aerospace PED charging solutions for its customers.

California, United States– Aerospace Devices, Inc., a pioneer in aerospace technology solutions, proudly announces its latest innovation in PED / Laptop charging solutions – the SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt Chargers.

The representative at the firm stated, “We are delighted to offer aerospace charging solutions for our customers.” While other companies claim to have a “Smart” PED USB C charging device, we committed to design, develop, and offer the “Smartest” USB C 100-Watt PED Aircraft Charging Device avialable.


Innovation Driving Sustainable Aviation Products”

The SkyDock Pro USB C advanced chargers mark a significant leap forward in aerospace PED charging capabilities, delivering up to 100 watts per port through USB Power Delivery (PD) technology. Aerospace Devices Inc.’s commitment to excellence in performance and safety standards sets these chargers apart, offering up to 7 times more power than traditional USB A & C charging methods.

The SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt Chargers are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace & defense industries, designed to provide the maximum power needed for under safe charge mode.

In addition, the team at the firm highlights that SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt PED charging devices have internal and PED temperature protection system. Designed to ensure that internal components remain stress-free, extending the chargers’ lifespan and increase the efficiency to 90% up to 93%.  

Aerospace Devices, Inc.’s commitment to durability, ruggedized and reliability is further evident in the chargers’ construction. The chargers feature aluminum enclosures that are CNC machined for precision. This enhances their structural integrity and provides environmental and protective advantages for the internal PCB components.

Safety is paramount in aerospace applications, and the SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt Chargers adhere to the highest performance and safety standards. These chargers are built to pass the highest DO160G sectional testing, ensuring they can withstand the most challenging conditions in aerospace environments.

Cable-Shield Short-to-Battery Protection and integrated ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection guarantee a secure charging experience, preventing potential damage to the chargers or the connected devices.

In addition to these safety features, the SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt Chargers incorporate reduced inrush current with Soft-Start and input filtering. This design choice ensures the safe dissipation of inrush energy, safeguarding the charger and the connected devices from potential harm.

The SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt Features and Benefits are available on our website:


The representative at the firm added, “Our SkyDock Pro USB C 100-Watt Chargers represent a leap forward in charging technology, offering unprecedented power delivery.”

Aerospace Devices, Inc. offers innovation and excellence to the aerospace industry. The leading firm offers essentials suitable for diverse industries.

About Aerospace Devices, Inc

Aerospace Devices, Inc. is a leading provider of aerospace technology solutions. With a commitment to innovation, performance, and safety, Aerospace Devices, Inc. has earned a reputation for excellence in the aerospace industry. From advanced charging solutions to state-of-the-art aerospace equipment, Aerospace Devices, Inc. is dedicated to empowering aerospace professionals with the tools they need to excel in their missions.

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Our products have a long life and are warrantied for longevity and performance.


We have tested our products to DO160G to ensure the ultimate in flight safety.



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AEROSPACE DEVICES has the Engineering & Design Group, Research & Development Team, Manufacturing &
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AEROSPACE DEVICES  design and development team partners with our customers to assist with installation,
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holders, PD mounting arms, retractable iPad, iPod, iPhone mounting features. This includes Stow away

AEROSPACE DEVICES has aircraft products or has the design experience form ruggedized – environment resistant
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