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Aerospace Devices Inc. designs, develops & produces all our next generation product lines to the highest FAA DO160G testing standards and engineers all our products to the highest flight safety designs. The SkyDock Design supports the mounting and installation in multiple locations and tight or limited space. Standard Aircraft Power input, saves installation, costs and time. The SkyDock Product Line offers the industries best Warranty

SkyDock™ SlimDuo SKD 201 Specifications

Operating input voltage range: 13V – 32V
Main power standby current: 0.2A at 28V
Max. efficiency: 90% per port
Max. output current: 2.7A at 4.75V to 5.25V
USB 2.0 data connection option
Max. input voltage: 32 vDC 5 Amp In-Rush
Self reset power surge
input/output overvoltage protection
Static protection to 600V
Reverse power / short circuit protection
Battery full charge auto power reduction
Encapsulated, waterproof circuit board Power
ON indicator light, Optional
Supports Apple Lightning™ USB requirement
MTBF: 300,000 hours
Dimensions: W1.94 in x D2.27 in x HO.64 in
Weight: 25 oz
Wire length: 12 in
Positive wire: White
Negative wire: White / Black
Design registered*
Patent pending*